10 Reasons to Walk at Commencement

May2013_graduation121The end of the semester is closing in, your classes are almost done, your time with RCTC is almost done, and the next part of your life is about to start.

Commencement is almost here, but you’re not sure if you really want to don that cap and gown and spend a couple hours in the Fieldhouse waiting for your name to be called.

Why do it? WHY NOT?

If you’re still waffling, here are TEN reasons why you should come to commencement on May 15.



1. You earned it. Celebrate!


2. All your friends are going – peer pressure.


3. Go for your mom. Go for your dad. Go for your grandma. Go for your little brother. They want to see you up there.


4. That funky hat.


5. Photo op with Sting!


6. You get to shake hands with the president. (RCTC’s, that is…)


7. People will clap and cheer for you.


8. Free giveaways afterward.


9. You can dress up fancy and see all your friends dressed up fancy.


10. That feeling of accomplishment. The best reason.



What are we trying to say here? “Stop Resisting” and come to commencement!


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