Alumni Spotlight with Tori Utley


Photo courtesy of Tori Utley

Former RCTC student Tori Utley wants to challenge the world to see things differently.

The 2011 RCTC graduate started as a Post-Secondary Enrollment student at RCTC in 2009 and received her associate’s degree in Liberal Art and Sciences. After graduating, she went to Liberty University and received her bachelor of science degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies in 2012. Utley finished her master’s of business administration in 2014.

Currently, she’s a product manager for mobile and digital products at Mayo Clinic, as well as having three startup companies.

“I wear several hats,” said Utley. She’s the founder and CEO of an early-stage technology company called Tinua which will distribute monetary waste toward charitable causes, the founder and executive director of More Than An Addict, which helps empower people in recovery, and co-founder of Doc’s Recovery House, a short-term sober living facility for those on a residential waiting list scheduled to open later this year.

Her experience as an entrepreneur and recovery addiction advocate led her to take part in the TEDx Zumbro River event Thursday, May 5.

“I decided to speak at TEDx because I feel that I have an idea worth spreading – I want to challenge the world to see things differently, especially concerning how we view those struggling with addiction and those who have recovered.”

Utley credits RCTC with getting a jumpstart on her education and career. Everything about the experience was good – the professors, classes, and environment.

“Great voices come from all walks of life.  As a community college instructor, we lay the foundations for growth,” said instructor Karin Wright, one of Utley’s instructors. “I’m so proud Tori is using her oral communication skills for the good of our community, and now the world.”

Utley finished her AA degree before her high school degree, and that accomplishment created a momentum that pushed her through her undergraduate and graduate studies and into her career. When asked why going to RCTC was the right choice, Utley has nothing but good things to say.

“I always tell people that going to RCTC as a PSEO student was one of the best decisions I ever made. I would not be where I am today [without RCTC], and I know that fully.”

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