An Encounter With a Random Flier Changes One Student’s Career Path


Dianne Ruggeberg knew she wanted to work in the medical field when she moved to Rochester, but didn’t have a concrete plan on what it was she actually wanted to do.

According to a Mayo Clinic News Center story, Ruggeberg figured out her next move when she saw a flier for a Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences open house while working at Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, Saint Marys campus.

One program stuck out: Histology.

“When I first walked up to the booth, there was a really excited student there who was just starting the program, so it was great to feed off of that positive energy,” Ruggeberg told Mayo Clinic News Center.

She was able to pursue Histology by enrolling in Rochester Community and Technical College to complete prerequisite classes. When she enrolled, Ruggeberg became part of Mayo Clinic School of Health and Sciences and RCTC’s 1+1 program.

That means that after completing 36 credits of general education, she could complete her remaining 24 credits of core Histology courses at the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.

Ruggeberg is now a histology technician at Mayo Clinic, and told the News Center, “I love it.”

“The program really sets you up to start working right away,” she adds. “We were challenged by the faculty and our coursework so much, but, because of that, there’s nothing that I believe I can’t handle in the lab. The program is really great and really effective in that regard.”

Ruggeberg’s path is but one. If a student already has an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree, only the nine months of courses needed for the Histology Certificate need to be taken. Upon completion, students can sit for the Histology certification board exam.

For more information on the nine-month Histology Program, check out the program’s page. Application deadline is June 1, 2017, for cohort beginning in August 2017.

For RCTC enrollment information, visit this page.

Source: Mayo Clinic News Center

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