Ashley Bunting named Elite Hitter


Ashley Bunting, a sophomore from Redwood Falls, was named the NJCAA Softball Marucci Elite Hitter for Division III, district 13S.

The 2015 NJCAA Softball Marucci Elite Hitters  honor the top batter from each district in all three divisions.

Selections are based on the highest batting average in each district and made by each division’s respective sport committee chair. Student-athletes eligible for the award must have been a member of their respective all-region team and were nominated for All-America consideration.

Bunting played 46 games this season with a hitting average of .658. This was the highest average among all 2015 elite hitters.

She hit two homeruns this season, had 32 RBIs, 69 stolen bases, and scored 85 runs.

Congratulations, Ashley!

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