How not to Binge

Okay by now you know that I enjoy writing fantasy 💻, I am a night owl 🌒, and I don’t get along with geese 😨. Naturally, these three things should lead you to the conclusion that I also binge watch a lot of shows!

NetlfixNo? You didn’t come to that conclusion? Well that’s okay! Finals just got done so you are probably just a bit tired. I don’t blame you. But it is true I binge A LOT! And for me nothing says, ‘Welcome Home Kyle.’ quite like >>>

I didn’t always like binging shows though.  For a long time I did it wrong and because of that it was hard for me to binge and get caught up on shows that I really enjoyed.  If you are new to binging shows please learn from my experiences and start off doing it right!


When Netflix first came on the market with streaming video I was all over that! I had had a Netflix account for a while and was receiving DVDs via mail. This was good for movies but I couldn’t wait 3-4 days between episodes that came out on separate DVDs!

Streaming fixed that problem and it all began with Doctor Who. Yes I am a whovian and if you have a problem with that click anywhere in this sentence. At the time Doctor Who only had 4 seasons so it was quite easy to get through in a week. Then I started going back and watching things like Charmed, Buffy, and other classics.

By 2016 I was getting burnt out! There were so many shows available at the click of a button that I wanted to watch. So often people friends would ask, “Have you seen The Office.” And I would have to reply, “Who has time?!?! I am already watching The Walking Dead, HTGAWM, Shameless, Supernatural, Sherlock, Lost…” and the list would go on.


First of all I have to say that all of the innovation that I am about to tell you about was not thought up by me. I had the help of my best friend Kacy. One innovation that she had was the following:

Narrow down what you want to watch right now to 4 TV shows. Add these to your Netflix list (queue for you oldies). During your dedicated binge time start your first show and let it run. As soon as Neflix asks you if you are still watching, which we all know you are, go to the next show. Repeat until you have finished your last show. If you are doing 4 TV shows where each episode is about an hour this will last for about 10 hours.

If you don’t have that kind of time try mixing hour shows with 30 minute shows. I also recommend mixing in current shows with shows that have already had a finale. This will ensure that you can be knowledgable about current shows your friends are talking about and be able to contribute to nostalgic conversations.

– That is if you have friends unlike me –


1. On Netflix you can create multiple profiles where what one person watches won’t affect suggestions for another person. If you watch a LOT of shows like me Netflix will NEVER recommend movies to you. This is inconvenient when you sit down with a friend and want to watch a movie. So make one profile named “Shows” and one named “Movies.”
2. Never let a kid watch a kids show on your Netflix. You won’t be able to purge the recommendations for Disney cartoons no matter how many zombie movies you watch!
3. Whenever deciding to start a new show by reading a good sounding synopsis, start the first episode and scrub halfway into the episode for a few seconds. This will let you know whether or not the show is in Korean or German before you watch the 15 minutes of opening credits that are in English!

That is all I have. Go now and binge on young ones!

Good Luck

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