Cambodia trip postings

Sorry for the delay. It has been hard to connect to the internet and update everyone. Here is a little information on what we have been doing.

Day 2- 12/30/2014

We visited the US Embassy and met with the Public Relations representative. The embassy works with Cambodians on providing assistance who wants to learn about the United States.

Second stop was the Killing Fields. This is where they took victims to be executed; mostly women and infants. Pictures or words can not justify what we experienced just by touring the place.

Day 3-12/31/2014

NGO school. Some US students worked on their projects in the classrooms with the Khmer students while others helped paint the school.

Second stop was another NGO school called PSE. The school is built next to one of the largest dumps in Cambodia. We had a wonderful meal prepared and served by the students wanting to work in the restaurant field. This school/restaurant is equivalent to a four star restaurant in the United States.

Lastly, we all separated into groups and explored Phnom Penh with our Cambodian friends. Some went to the night market to purchase or browse while others went for ice creme. After that, we played Cambodian games on the riverside and watched the fireworks for New Years in front of the King’s Palace.

Day 4-1/1/2015

Rabbit Island! What a long six hour ride to the most beautiful island in Cambodia! It’s like an oasis; away from the busy city.

Day 5-1/2/2015

Another day of a long drive back to Phnom Penh. Once we got back to the hotel, some went out to the night market while others went to get measurements for dresses and suits for an upcoming wedding.

Day 6-1/3/2015

Everyone got up early to get going to Svay. After a long six hour drive to Battambang; we stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. Once again, we were served an amazing meal. We visited a previous school that RCTC had helped build a bathroom back in 2009 then we head on to another NGO in the countryside. They greeted us with individual fresh coconuts and handmade scarves. We played games with them and showed them how to brush their teeth. We gave out each student a toothbrush and toothpaste.

On the way to check into our hotel in Svay, we stopped at a silk farm. Some purchased scarves while others enjoyed the experience.

Day 7-1/4/2015

We finally reached our destination of Siem Reap. Started off at Angkor Wat and visited another two temples. What a long and hot day for some. After the temple tours, students chose to either head back to the hotel or watch the sun set at one of the temples. We had reservations a a local restaurant to watch traditional Khmer dance and eat authentic food.

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