Civic League Day Nursery to close

RCTC once operated a day care center on campus, but discontinued the services for several reasons. At that time, RCTC began leasing the facilities to an outside agency, with terms that ensured RCTC students and employees were given priority placement for their children.

Under the terms of the lease, RCTC was responsible for the costs of the facilities, including utilities, janitorial services, and maintenance/upkeep of the building.  Over the years, the following data was collected:

  1. The use of the Center by students and employees has declined; almost two-thirds of the children at the Center do NOT belong to RCTC parents;
  2. The majority of the College’s academic component for early childhood occurs at other agencies (i.e. Headstart);
  3. The revenue generated to the College from the lease averages about $2,400/year;
  4. The expenditures to the College to operate and maintain the facilities averages about $45,000/year;
  5. The building’s kitchen is in need of code compliance upgrades of approximately $27,000; new funding would be needed for these upgrades;
  6. The building’s roof is at its life expectancy and needs replacement at a cost of approximately $327,000;  new funding would be needed for these upgrades;
  7. And the land on and near the current building could be used to complete the Plaza/Memorial Hall Project.

Taking the above items into consideration, RCTC’s Administration determined the facilities and services for a day care center on campus are no longer justified, and the current funds used for the facilities could be reallocated in a better way to benefit more students.

Last July, RCTC representatives met with representatives from the Civic League Day Nursery (the current tenants of the facilities), to discuss our plans to not renew the lease.

Effective July 1, 2015, the Civic League Day Nursery, located at the RCTC Campus, will close, and the future of the building that currently houses the child care center will be part of the plans for the Plaza/Memorial Hall construction project.

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