Jason Jadin named Best Bee


Congratulations to Jason Jadin for being nominated and selected as RCTC’s February 2015 Best Bee.  Jason joined RCTC in 2004 and is an Instructor in the Health Sciences.

Explain:  Jason Jadin is deserving of Best Bee of the Month because he is constantly going above and beyond for his colleagues and students. He has been doing a great job as our Science Division Coordinator. He is always available to answer questions or resolve student and/or department issues in a timely manner. Students are constantly visiting him during office hours and he’s always very welcoming and helpful to them. He is often the last one to leave the office suite each day because he’s either recording a lecture for his class or working on semester schedules making sure they are accurate.

Innovation:  He has successfully “flipped” his Chemistry 1101 course but recording pre-lectures that students watch prior to class and then work in groups to master the material during lecture.

Excellence:  I think Jason is a bit of a perfectionist; he doesn’t settle for anything but the best. I can tell he doesn’t like it if he misses an error on a document or makes a mistake (which he is very quick to fix!).

Fun:  Jason has a rather dry sense of humor but I am pretty sure he has many ways in which he makes learning Chemistry fun. I have heard some of his Chemistry jokes…and they are catchy!

Learner-Centered:  Jason is always in his office working on perfecting his online lectures or helping students work those complex Chemistry problems

Respect:  I have worked with Jason for many years and not once have I ever observed him being disrespectful to his colleagues, staff or students.

Teamwork:  Jason is an integral part of the Chemistry department. He collaborates with his colleagues and compromises when he needs to. He has helped develop shared learning outcomes and curriculum for many Chemistry courses. He has also helped facilitate and mediate meetings with his colleagues from other Departments. He is also active on college-wide and nation-wide committees. He’s a team player!

As Best Bee for the month, Jason will receive the employee of the month parking space, a framed certificate of recognition, and be treated to lunch with the President.  Please join us in congratulating Jason!

Sent on behalf of the Recognition Subcommittee

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