Last combine posting before heading back to the states

Day 8-1/5/2015

First full day at Siem Reap! A couple of students went with Lori to Yes Village. Yes Village teaches young Cambodians a trade such as cosmetology, sewing, entrepreneurship. Other students used this day as a free day to explore Siem Reap such as getting fish massages. On the hand, a couple were under the weather.

Day 9-1/6/2015

Floating Village!! What an awesome experience. Not your typical village of houses floating in the water but houses built on stilts for flooding due to the rainy season. During the rainy season, the ground is completely flooded creating this illusion of a “floating village.” Instead of a dirt road, it’s a stream. We also sat down as a group and talked to the head monk in that village. We ask about how they served that community, what the water means to them, and what does Buddhism mean.

Day 10-1/7/2015

Last day in Siem Reap. First stop was at a primary school to work on our projects and assessed to see if they needed more funding or a wells. This community did not have any wells.

Second stop on this day was at the Elderly Village where we distributed malaria nets and took a sample of their water.

Third stop was back to Phnom Penh. We arrived in the evening. Some wanted to purchase more items at the night market while others just wanted to relax in their rooms.

Day 11-1/8/2015

Wedding day! We were invited to a wedding and some RCTC students were in the wedding. It was a good cultural experience to understand their marriage ceremonies which are very different from the US.

Day 12-1/9/2015

We visited a primary school again and worked on our projects. This school is in of funding for wells and a good toilet.

Second stop was at a disability village where RCTC donated a well. The woman became disabled at the age of 12 due to a landmine explosion. By receiving the well, she is now able to save $5 a week (which is 20,000 reels) and she can help support her family now.

Day 13-1/10/2015

Spent all day with our Rotaract friends and their students. We played games and worked on our projects along with talking about a future betwee our groups. We also got a tour of their community and their very small classroom that holds 80 students in 5 different sessions.

Day 14-1/11/2015

Last day in Cambodia 🙁 Two different groups. One group went on tours of the royal palace and the killing fields. Another group is doing last minute shopping. We board our plane at 11:50 pm. See you all in 48 hours.

We’re going to miss this warm weather!!

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