Melanie Callister Best Bee for February

melanieMelanie Callister has worked at RCTC for 16 years and held the positions of Admissions Officer and Assistant Registrar. Last year she willingly stepped up to accept a challenging Interim Director of Admissions position. She regularly takes on additional duties, looking forward to the challenge, and always successfully completes them – often improving efficiency and effectiveness in the process. Melanie is consistently the first one to say “I will do that” or “I will work on it.” She also goes above and beyond by serving on various committees, providing expertise and making sure the student always comes first.

Innovation:  Melanie is creative and willing to adapt to an ever-changing work environment. She is open to new ideas and ways of doing things, and has a knack for finding the “better way”.

Excellence:  Melanie’s responsibilities require up-to-date knowledge about program requirements, curriculum changes, policies and procedures, and expertise in a number of technical arenas. Students rely on Melanie’s excellence to successfully complete program requirements and earn their degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Fun:  Melanie knows how to have fun! (Stop by and meet her if you don’t already know her!!) She does her job with a smile on her face and incorporates laughter and fun into each day.

Learner-Centered:  For Melanie, the student always comes first. She is always willing to go above and beyond to assist a student or staff member with questions or concerns, even if that means staying late or assuming tasks that are not specifically hers.

Respect:  Melanie is both respectful and well-respected. She values each person for who they are. She easily earns respect for her extensive knowledge of the college and her can-do and will-do attitude.

Teamwork:  Melanie is an excellent team player and collaborates well with faculty, staff, and students. As the interim leader, she successfully managed to keep the team together and afloat during a time of uncertainty and instability. Whatever her role, Melanie will give her best to the team day in and day out!

As Best Bee for the month, Melanie will receive the employee of the month parking space and a framed certificate of recognition.  Please join us in congratulating Melanie!

Sent on behalf of the Recognition Subcommittee

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