MnSCU Biennial Budget Request

What is MnSCU?

Rochester Community and Technical College is part of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system – known as MnSCU. As a system, we provide the opportunity for all Minnesotans to create a better future for themselves, for their families, and for their communities.

Together, we educate 410,000 students each year – 60% of all undergraduates in the state. RCTC students benefit from the state support received by MnSCU because it helps to offset costs to ensure the lowest possible tuition and fees for students.

All MnSCU colleges and universities offer the most affordable higher education options in the state – more affordable than private colleges and universities and the University of Minnesota.

Why is this important?

  • State funding has a direct impact on students. As more funding is provided by the state, lower tuition and fees are required to be paid by students – keeping student debt levels low.
  • Within 5 years, fully 74% of jobs in Minnesota will require some post-secondary credentials.
  • We must protect affordability and the quality programs that are essential to serving students and communities across Minnesota.
  • Rochester is set to grow in the next 20 years, and we need an educated workforce to support this community

What are we requesting?

The central tenet of our request is to get the right balance between the state’s investment and student tuition. In 2002, the state provided 66.3% of the cost of a student’s education. Today that share is 43.9% — a decline of 1/3. We’d like to move state support toward 50:50.

Our request will:

  • Protect programs on all our campuses so we can continue to serve students and meet the future workforce needs of Minnesota;
  • Protect our ability to deliver these programs; and
  • Protect affordability to ensure access for all Minnesotans.

This funding is essential to RCTC’s efforts in providing access to quality higher education and meeting our commitment to the communities we serve.

If the request is fully funded, the Board of Trustees will freeze tuition for two years – holding it to where it has been since 2012. It also will provide sufficient revenue to enable us to provide for the cost of operations at our colleges and universities. It provides only enough to cover inflation.

How can I help?

Please join us in thanking Governor Dayton for recommending full funding at $142 million for our biennial request and for his recommendation of $100 million in bonding via social media, email, letters or phone calls.

Talk to your local legislators about the importance of this request for RCTC.

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