Music Instructor Aaron Shannon’s Accolades

When Aaron Shannon met Francesca Battistelli, a Christian singer that nobody seemed to want to work with, it was a chance to make something different.

“She was really good,” Shannon remembered, adding that her vocals were just naturally spot on.

A record they worked together on went gold, opening up even more doors, and pushed Shannon to work with more pop music, which wasn’t really his interest, but he did well with it.

Two years ago, that very record was Grammy nominated, and last year a record and a song were both Grammy nominated. Shannon didn’t revel in the win as it was for the singer and songwriter, but he was a part of it. One of the last records he worked on may also go gold.

Another accolade of Shannon’s includes having a song, “Control,” reach number 23 on the Billboards in 2008. It was deemed too aggressive sounding at the time by most, and was before dubstep became a thing.

“Everything that we were doing became what everyone wanted to do… what they told us not to do became the thing,” Shannon said.

“Control” event went number one in London and Ibiza for two weeks, and was the band Plural Z’s (of which he was a part of) biggest hit.

And opening for Duran Duran as part of the Chinese Whispers in front of 25,000 people wasn’t actually that weird.

“Everyone was so far away it didn’t feel like you were playing for anyone,” Shannon said. “It was a different feeling.”

They were about to go on tour, but the band imploded before separating.

Shannon’s favorite place to play music was called The End. It was a small stage, and only about 125 people could fit comfortably, but about 200 would fill it out, pouring out into the streets.

“It was only 200 people but it felt like a lot more,” Shannon said.

Shannon hasn’t played much music in a while, but he is thinking about forming a band soon.

He also really misses Nashville.

He spent a week over the summer visiting it with his son (who was more interested in playing his handheld video game when being in the same room as one of the best pianists in Nashville), listening to songs that are going to be on the radio.

It’s safe to say that music has sent Shannon on many adventures throughout his career.

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