Nursing Program Upgrades its Robotic Patient


Nursing student Katrina Sorenson tests out the new high-fidelity simulator at an unveiling event on Wednesday.

Jordan Payne can cry, exhibit dilated pupils, take a defribalator, have his or her heart rate checked, and develop a swollen tongue.

But this isn’t a human being. Payne is the Rochester Community and Technical College’s new life-like manikin, otherwise known as a high-fidelity simulator, used for health care training scenarios.

It is so advanced that clinical hours can be met by working on the learning tool, and will be met that way, leading the department to increase students accepted into the Practical Nursing Program from 40 to 50.

Susan Jansen, Associate Dean of Nursing at RCTC, shared some facts about the department and its new acquisition below the gif:


  • The previous simulator was 10 years old, and was the first one to arrive at RCTC in 2007.
  • The new simulator cost $84,000, with part of it paid for via the Carl Perking Grant.
  • The company that makes Payne also creates flight simulators.
  • It has pulses, heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds, can be catheterized, and more.
  • It is interchangeable between a boy or girl.
  • Different scenarios, like developing a blood clot, are available within the software.
  • The simulation sessions are recorded for students to watch.
  • Payne has already been used for a couple of weeks by students.

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