Please Welcome RCTC Magazine

One of many coffee-fueled editing sessions.

When the RCTC College Relations team decided to create a magazine, there was one goal on our minds: authenticity.

Two members of the team have traditional media backgrounds, one in TV, and myself in print. Even as marketers, we knew the skills we learned reporting the news and storytelling were what we wanted to use when we created this magazine.

We didn’t want to just have a magazine that marketed RCTC. We needed to have content that truly told the stories of those who learn here, instruct here, and help keep the school a place that emphasizes “higher” in higher education.

I think we did that.

Our stories are based on facts, dutifully reported, and told in a way that lets those in the pages of RCTC magazine shine as individuals. RCTC has an eclectic group of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and we aim to capture the spirit of each.

As our first issue, we know we can improve, and encourage your feedback. But when you pick up RCTC Magazine (around campus or around town), we think you’ll generally be informed, learn something new, and enjoy your time reading it.

To our knowledge, this is the first time RCTC has published a magazine in its 100-plus-year history.

And it was a fun ride to get here.


Reviewing final pages before shipping them off to press.

It began after a bit of inspiration. A friend of mine has been publishing the Utah Valley University Magazine for quite some time. And, being a print guy, I thought the format worked to tell the kinds of stories we wanted to in a way that only print offers.

After some conversations with Executive Director Nate Stoltman, we got to work. We gauged interest and brainstormed ideas, rubbed fingers along dozens of local and national magazines to find the perfect paper for the pages and cover, and had many, many conversations on the look, feel, and tone of what would become RCTC Magazine.

It all happened so fast it’s kind of amazing that a small team of four (extra special thanks to Jenee McGurren for her design expertise, and Michelle Messenger for fact checking and editing) were able to pull it off mostly without a hitch.

On Nov. 28, after OK’ing proofs, Nate and I visited Johnson Printing to record the printing and finishing process. The smell reminded me of my newspaper days, and I felt a special kind of joy as I learned all about the giant press making this project a reality. You can see some of that process in the photos and video within this post. Not everyone may derive satisfaction from the thumping of a press and the smell of ink, but it’s also an important part of the magazine crafting process, and one we thoroughly enjoyed geeking out over.

We hope everyone who picks up a copy of RCTC Magazine likes it. It was a labor of love we did on top of our normal daily duties, but we’re glad we did it.

In fact, we already have a bunch of stories to pursue for the next issue!

For those who don’t like print, we also have you covered with a digital edition. Plus, we have the stories rolling out on our blog with extra content, including photos and videos. And if you have any feedback or story ideas, please email us at

Please enjoy!

Louis Garcia, Digital Marketing Specialist

Special thanks to Michelle Bauman and the team at Johnson Printing for allowing us to see the printing in action. 




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