Post-Secondary student Paul Kom

Post-secondary student Paul Kom loves his schedule at RCTC. A senior at Mayo High School, Paul started PSEO last fall.

The primary reason he decided to enroll in PSEO was because of the free college credit. While he originally found out about the program through announcements at Mayo, he didn’t know much about it until his older sister enrolled full-time in the program. “I also had friends who tried to get me to give it a shot.”

Currently, Paul’s taking four classes: logic, economics, ceramics, and bowling for fun. He’s happy with his classes because he doesn’t have to go to classes so early and he gets done with the school day early.

“My RCTC schedule is set up so that I can take four or five classes a semester but only have three to four classes on any given day. The schedule is absolutely great,” he said.

paul_headshotPaul’s schedule is helpful for other reasons as well: he’s able to work more at his job, which is part-time job with full-time hours.

The different setting and diversity were also enticing reasons to enroll in PSEO, something he wouldn’t get at Mayo High School. “My favorite thing about PSEO would have to be the people. It was great being able to meet people from different towns who also go to RCTC because it expands your borders.”

He has great things to say about PSEO advisor Brooke Kosok. “She was really helpful and answered all my questions.” When he needed to drop and add classes, Brooke was right there helping him out, and he got all the classes he wanted.

Paul graduates from RCTC this May and from Mayo High School in June. He’s undecided if he’s going to finish up his generals here at RCTC to save more money or transfer to Arizona State University. Ultimately, he is planning to finish his bachelor’s degree at ASU in Business Law.


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