RCTC Student Donates Artwork to Art + Design Department

ART+DesignRCTC Student Donates Artwork to Art + Design Department

RCTC student Jacquelyn Royds has designed and donated custom artwork to the RCTC Art + Design Department. Jacquelyn started taking classes at RCTC in 2011 and graduated in May 2016 with an Associate in Fine Arts degree, an Associate in Science degree in Graphic Design, a Photography Certificate, a Motion Graphics Certificate, and a Digital Art Certificate.  A native of Kasson, Minnesota, Jacquelyn is transferring to the University of Wisconsin – Stout to earn her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and also plans to earn her master’s degree because she wants to teach Graphic Design.

ArtInstallation0716In Jacquelyn’s last semester at RCTC, she enrolled in the Directed Studio course. As part of her coursework, Jacquelyn chose to create an art project. She wanted to create an art piece that could be donated to the RCTC Art Department.  Jacquelyn said, “I had taken so many classes with so many of the teachers and loved every second of it. I wanted to give back to them.” About half way through the semester she came up with the idea for a banner.  Jacquelyn added, “I wanted it to represent the wonderful teachers that make the RCTC Art + Design Department what it is.  Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I used the skills they taught me to make this banner for them.” Each letter represents one of the teachers who are a part of the RCTC Art Department, and the letter appears somewhere in the teacher’s name. Not only does it show what they teach but also has a few personal elements as well. The artwork has been installed and can be viewed on the second and third floors of RCTC’s Art Hall.



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