RCTC to Offer Concurrent Computer Science Courses

Students attending Rochester Public Schools (RPS) and the Career and Technical Education Center at Heintz (CTECH) will now have the opportunity to take college-level computer science courses from RCTC beginning in the fall of 2018. RPS juniors and seniors can take the RCTC courses concurrently at CTECH facilities while also completing their other high school courses.

“RPS and RCTC have been building bridges for Rochester’s students for a long, long time, and we will continue to do so because it is the right thing to do. RPS and RCTC are natural partners, and we always have students at the center of this partnership,” states Dale Amy, RCTC’s Director of High School Collaborations.

The computer science courses will be taught by RPS teacher, John Bartucz, who holds a master’s degree in computer science. Mr. Bartucz currently teaches computer science courses at CTECH. The RCTC courses include COMP 1741 JavaScript and COMP 1751 Mobile Application Development. Students will have the opportunity to explore HTML, CSS, web programming, native device programming, and database interaction.

For further information about RCTC concurrent enrollment opportunities, contact RCTC’s Director of High School Collaborations, Dale Amy at 285-7332 or dale.amy@rctc.edu.

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