Scholarships hold off debt


Student Luke Buehler is a scholarship recipient.

With the 2016/2017 scholarship deadline drawing near on Friday, March 4, some students think “Why should I apply?”

Why Not? More than 230 students a year get a scholarship through the Foundation. It could be you!

Current RCTC student, Luke Buehler, understands the importance of not only scholarships but also hard work. Buehler maintains full-time student status as well as working four  jobs. After completing his education at RCTC and, subsequently, WSU, Luke would like to find a career in either Marketing or Advertising.

Buehler feels that scholarships are a way for him to get out and stay out of student loan debt. He received no grants to use towards his education and paid almost $3,000 out of pocket towards his education.

Most college students are balancing work, families, and also careers while receiving their education. With help from the Foundation Scholarships, many RCTC students leave with less debt accrued than those who did not apply.

The RCTC Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to not only incoming and returning students but also to graduating students who plan on continuing to other educational institutions.

Scholarships start around $100 and range as high as $3,000. The most common scholarship award is usually $1000.

A well-written essay that includes thoughtful and articulate statements increase your chances of receiving an award increase.

For more information about the various scholarships offered, please visit

The scholarship deadline is March 4th, 2016.

No matter what the reason for attending Rochester Community and Technical College, scholarships change lives!

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