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Check out the following links for important RCTC information:  Reminder:  NO CLASS on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.


Distracted Driving Awareness Event
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Fall 2015 Web Registration Will Soon be Available
eServices Proxy Bill Payer
Cap and Gown Distribution

Presentation is Monday at 11:00am in the Atrium,  Food is provided by Johnny Mango

Huge emergency vehicle display including Mayo One and a crashed vehicle by the outdoor amphitheater on the north end of the school.

The Department of Transportation, SE Minnesota Law Enforcement, Phi Theta Kappa, and Student Life are hosting our 2nd annual distracted driving event at RCTC.

4 Speakers from 11:00am-12:00pm
Driving simulators

Please join us for this important consciousness-raising event!

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Every April, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center collaborates with the United States Department of Justice, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a host of national and community-based organizations to sponsor Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  While efforts to raise awareness of sexual assault crimes and prevention/education efforts have existed for many years, the 1970’s “Take Back the Night” campaign has been cited as the first concerted, coast-to-coast public awareness campaign. In the 1980’s, these efforts became more narrow, with the theme of domestic violence emerging as the primary focus. By the late 1980’s, state and national sexual assault activists created “Sexual Assault Awareness Week,” to be held each year in the month of April. By the late 1990’s, sexual assault awareness advocates began calling for a national month-long observance. In April 2001, this call was answered, and the NSVRC serves as the organizing partner of these events. In 2010, President Barack Obama issued the first Presidential Proclamation recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

As a College community, we must do our part to raise sexual assault awareness. To generate this awareness, various stakeholders across the College, including Student Life, Student Health Services, Campus Security, Counseling and Advising, and Marketing and Public Relations, have organized under the “It’s On Us” campaign. Additionally, RCTC has engaged community partners, including the office of Dodge, Fillmore, and Olmsted County Victims Services, to collaborate on awareness events/activities and a marketing campaign.

“It’s On Us” is about more than statistics and facts regarding the appalling prevalence of sexual assault on college and university campuses. It is about empowerment and prevention. Through better understanding of consent, effective intervention techniques, the danger of stereotypes, and the dangers of victim-blaming, we can all be empowered not to assist the victims and punish the perpetrators of sexual assault, but hopefully to prevent them from ever needing such labels in the first place.

Neil Dennison and Alex Peterson of Victim Services are hosting four presentations in Hill Theater.

Presentations will be in Hill Theater and are 50 minutes long, unless noted.

  • April 9  9:00-11:00  Sex Trafficking in MN: Not Mail Order Brides
    Representatives from Victim Services, Mission 21, and Breaking Free will discuss what sex trafficking is (and isn’t,) how it affects thousands of victims in MN, and what you can do to help keep youth safe from sexual exploitation.
  • April 16  10:00  Pornography…the New Drug and Its Effects on the Brain
    Fight the new drug!  Learn the harmful effects of pornography and the damaging effects it has on love, relationships, and our brain.
  • April 23  10:00  We’re All Genderbread People
    What’s the recipe to combine identity, expression, sex, and attraction into a person?  How does getting this recipe wrong lead to gender inequity and sexual assault?  What do you do when someone gets the recipe wrong?
  • April 30  10:00  Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & Parties: the Misconceptions of College
    Animal House, Old School, Van Wilder…Is this College?  This presentation looks at how the media shapes our view of college, often at a young age.  It also focuses on ways you can step up and intervene as a bystander.

Please contact or 507-285-7206 if you have questions or would like more information.

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Every student at RCTC has an academic advisor or counselor, who is here to support students in their educational growth. Students should work closely with their academic advisor or counselor so that educational goals are met.

If you don’t know who your advisor or counselor is, you can download the list from:

Specific transfer questions or concerns should be directed to the Counseling Center staff.

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Fall 2015 Registration OPENS for Returning, degree-seeking students according to the schedule below:

Current and Returning Students:

  • Selective Admission*. Web April 15, 2015
  • SOPHOMORES (30 or more credits earned) Web April 17, 2015
  • FRESHMEN (1-29 credits earned) Web April 21, 2015
  • FRESHMEN (0 credits earned) Web April 23, 2015
  • All current and returning degree-seeking Counter April 24, 2015
  • All non-degree seeking April 27, 2015

*Selective admissions includes: AD Nursing, CNT, DH, DA, ST, CRSC, CVIS.

All windows open at 7:30am

You can check your window by logging in to the eServices site, selecting the ‘Registration’ tab and the proper year/term, then clicking on the ‘Registration Window’ link.

Counter Registration – OPENS April 24, 2015 for current and returning degree-seeking students.
The Admissions and Records Office registration hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am- 5:00pm Friday. The office closes at 4:30pm daily during summer months.

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor or counselor prior to registering for any term.

Email the admissions office at or call us at (507) 285-7268 or (800) 247-1296 ext. 7268

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eServices offers an opportunity to students which allows them to provide proxy (i.e. guest) access to most of the Bills and Payments features on the web. Designated individuals will be able to view account information (just as you would see it) and make payments on your behalf.

When logged into eServices you can select an option from the Bills and Payments or the Profile web page to initiate the process for one or more people. Simply provide the name and email address of proxy bill payer(s) and the system sends the payer an email notice with instructions for activating their access. The payer must activate access within 5 days and it will remain active for 6 months. You can return at any time to add additional entries, or modify, re-activate, or revoke access to those already on your list.

To begin, select the “Give Someone Access to Pay My Bill” button from the Bills and Payments summary page. The first time you enter you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions of use. After that you just add the name and e-mail address and select the ‘Send or Renew Access Request’ button. That person will receive email instructions on activating their access to your account. They will have access to nearly all ‘Bills and Payments’ functionality, but no other section of your eServices account. They will not be able to enroll in a payment plan, nor will they be able to designate anyone else to have this access. They will be able to view your class schedule through the Account Activity PDF form.

Important notes:

  1. You assume all responsibility for any potential financial aid and/or tax implications of someone making a payment on your behalf using this site. Only individuals who are either your parents or guardians should be identified as an alternate payer.
  2. Providing access to alternate payers is not a guarantee of payment. You are solely responsible for the timely payment of all outstanding balances. An unpaid balance will result in a hold that will impact your ability to register for classes and possible collection activity.

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Graduation Regalia will be distributed at the following locations:

  • Atrium April 20-May 14, Monday-Thursday, 11-1pm, Friday, 11am-12pm
    Evening students – Finals week Tuesday-Wednesday, 5-6pm.
  • Heinz Center Commons Thursdays April 23, April 30 & May 7, 10am-11am.

Two easy steps:

  • Pay $11 for regalia at the Cashier’s Window.
  • Present your $11 receipt to the gown table.

Honors Tassels – Honors based on Fall 2014 GPA.
PTK graduates – see PTK Advisor for PTK tassels.

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